First post!

This blog is an element of an exciting new adventure that I will be embarking on within the next few months and I hope that there will be people out there that might be interested to read about my exploits!

My husband is an officer in the British Army and as a result we have moved house four times in four and a bit years of marriage.  To ‘civilians’ this might seem like a slightly stressful way to live but at the moment I view it as a new adventure each and every time we move and I hope that I continue to feel this way as my husband continues his army career.

We started married life living in two different places due to me wanting to finish my NQT year at a school I was happy at and because my husband was potentially meant to deploy to Iraq.  We therefore decided that if this were to happen it would be better for me to stay in London with all my friends rather than be living in a new place with no family or friends nearby.  Unfortunately for him (but fortunately for me….) my husband didn’t deploy and was instead posted to Tidworth.  We therefore embarked on married life with both of us travelling from our respective Monday-Friday homes each weekend to our newly bought lovely (but ramshackle) cottage in St Leonards-on-Sea.  

We finally moved into our first married quarter in September 2008.  This being only my second visit ever to a married quarter I did wonder what I had been brought to as I gazed upon the squash court like outside appearance of my new home and took down the horrific floral curtains which in some rooms didn’t even match each other or fit the windows.  Thankfully, by the following evening we had all our own curtains up and mostly our own furniture in and it quickly became home.  Subsequent moves have proven to me that once the non-army curtains are up and the sofas are in position each and every house feels like home within a matter of hours regardless of how horrendous it seems when empty of furniture!

Move number 3 took place in December 2009 when we went to Shrivenham.  Another house that slightly made my heart sink when viewing it from outside quickly became home and we made excellent friends who will remain so for hopefully a long time to come! 

Move number 4 took place 8 months later when we moved to our current home in Warminster.  This has by far been both my favourite house and favourite posting and I would happily return here in the future.  Again, a slightly aesthetically challenged house from the outside opened its door to reveal a huge open plan sitting room and dining room, big kitchen and four good sized bedrooms.  Coupled with a lovely big garden with stunning views this house will be a hard one to beat (withstanding the family of mice that live in the attic during the winter)!

Next Saturday the process starts all over again when my husband moves to Paderborn, Germany.  As a primary school teacher it makes sense for me to stay put until the summer holidays so I will be waving him off (accompanied by a car full of the requisite army kit), finishing all the school related paperwork that must be done prior to 20th July and then will follow at some point in July or August.  Those people who know about moving house army style will not be amazed to discover that we are still waiting for housing to be properly sorted…..  

This blog will detail this exciting new chapter of our lives.  We have always wanted to undertake a foreign posting together (my husband has been posted to Germany in the past but before we were married) and mainland Europe seems like a good starting point – hopefully there will be some more glamorous locations in the future too!  Also, I have always worked full-time and this move marks the start of a different type of employment for me (as yet unknown!) which is in itself both exciting and daunting.  Those people who know me well will know how excellent I am at spending money and since I may be dependent on my husband at points I have no doubt it is going to be a steep learning curve for both of us to go down to one main salary!

Finally, there is an awful lot in the media at the moment about army wives and a lot of what is written/televised makes out that it is a horribly tough life where we simply follow our husbands around the world and where we cannot maintain our own careers.  Whilst there are elements of it that are tough (of course I would much rather my husband didn’t have to deploy to horrible places, go on long exercises and work a 365 days a year, 24 hours a day contract) there are also huge aspects of the life that are positive and exciting.  Hopefully this blog will be an interesting insight into army life and I hope that people enjoy joining me on this adventure!

Mili xxx


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