The Ordinary Moments #1

About this time last year I was sat at home awaiting the birth of my little boy Teddy trying to find ways to occupy my time other than watching ‘Homes under the hammer’ every day…..  In order to save my sanity I started following more people on Twitter and started to read a wider range of blogs; in particular those written by people either expecting around the same time as me or with little ones.  One of the first blogs I came across was Mummy Daddy Me and I spent some lovely winter afternoons (it basically snowed here non-stop from February through to April) reading past and present posts.  This blog (and also The Adventure of Parenthood) struck a particular chord as both writers were expecting babies around the same time as me.  Once my baby was born I continued to read these twitter feeds and blogs as they coped with all the same things that I was (although with a little bit less “Oh. My. God. I’m responsible for an actual person” as they were both experienced second time Mummies!)  I have really loved seeing pictures of their babies and have enjoyed reading about their adventures and with another move on the cards this summer (to a place where I will not easily find work) I have decided to give this blogging malarkey one last shot (I am notoriously rubbish at sticking at things like this)!  I particularly like The Ordinary Moments feature that Katie at Mummy Daddy Me does each Sunday so thought where better to start…..

Sat here in our study looking outside at a lovely sunny winter’s day I am ever grateful for the life that I have with my husband and little boy.  Our life is a slightly nomadic one having moved locations five times in six years of marriage but it is an adventure and I wouldn’t change it for the world.  My husband has been away a lot over the last year and so my first ordinary moment post is going to celebrate the weekends we have when he is actually at home.  The weekends when the early get-ups can be shared out and when we can either snuggle in bed for a bit longer safe in the knowledge that no alarm is going to shatter the peace or troop downstairs in our pyjamas to grab a cup of tea and eat hot marmite covered toast in front of the TV. When we can meander into town,  buy meat, veg, fruit and flowers at the lovely Saturday market and then go to any number of gorgeous konditorei and cafes for a latte and big wedge of cream filled German torte.  The weekends when the weather is horrible so we can bunker down inside and watch a film while we build endless towers for Teddy to send flying.  The Saturday night comfort food when we can share the cooking and dinner doesn’t amount to a cheapo pizza from the freezer.  Sundays when we stick the baby in the pram and walk to the NAAFI (essentially a British Forces supermarket) to buy the papers before coming home for a lovely pot of tea.  Enjoying the family roast dinners we have started having on a Sunday afternoon now that Teddy eats pretty much what we eat.  The long stream of FaceTime/Skype conversations with relatives all desperate to see what Teddy can do new since the previous week (walking holding onto one hand this week!) as they only see him in the flesh every three/four months.  Sitting down once the baby is in bed to watch Downton Abbey/Call the Midwife etc ready for the start of another week (THANK GOD for Sky+!).

For the next two weekends I will be flying solo and so when I am feeling frazzled I will read back through this post and look forward to the weekends we have ahead of us.

The ordinary moments are quite often the best ones!



9 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #1

  1. What a fantastic ordinary moments post. It makes me realise how much I take for granted and moan about. Enjoy your times together. x

  2. The Ordinary Moments are definitely the best ones! I hope you get on ok with you solo parenting time and look forward to some more lovely weekends soon. And lovely to read your blog, it’s so nice to hear that people have read mine and are going through a similar stage- so your little one must be coming up to one soon too? Hope you stick with the blogging, it’s really addictive! x

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