The Ordinary Moments #2

Last night I watched the film ‘About Time’ starring Rachel McAdams, Domhnall Gleeson and Bill Nighy (amongst others!)  It is probably the first film I have watched in a while where I felt no need to pick up the iPad or phone and check Facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest etc etc as right from the very start I was completely enthralled.  I don’t want to give too much away about the plot as I would hate to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it (and if you haven’t done so you must!) but the general gist is that you must drink in and savour all the little things that life throws your way and not live your life always looking to the future (something that I think we are all guilty of at times!)  I had planned to write about something else for today’s Ordinary Moments post but ‘About Time’ struck a chord with me.  Childhood (and even more so baby hood) is so fleeting and I wonder how many things I miss or don’t give my full attention to because of everything else that is going in my life.  Sometimes I find myself wishing the hours away just to get to Teddy’s bedtime so I can get all the other stuff done that otherwise falls by the wayside (bad mummy…..)  However, how important actually are those things in relation to how my child is changing and developing on a daily basis?  It is easy to celebrate each new achievement but then find ourselves already looking forward to the next one when really we should be savouring every moment with them when they are so little and still actually want to spend time with us (or don’t get the choice not to….)!  

Therefore my ordinary moments this week celebrate a day in the life of my child.  Not doing anything amazingly exciting, not necessarily doing anything new but just being an eleven month old little boy viewing the world as an interesting but sometimes scary place.  It is an absolute honour to be his mummy and help him find his place in the world and I only hope that he doesn’t grow up too fast!  Image

Top Left – “it’s so funny throwing my food on the floor and making Mummy pick it up over and over again!  It’s even funnier when I decide mid mouthful that I don’t want to finish my toast and spit it out…..”

Top Right – “I’m sure Daddy won’t mind if I re-type some of his important e-mails whilst we wait in his office….. The clicking noise I am making is amazing!”

Bottom Left – “I’ve got to keep my fire engine safe and nearby so that I can make a quick get-away when Mummy decides to change my nappy.  If I also hold onto to the play pen really tightly she will really struggle to pick me up….. Hahahaha!”

Bottom Right – “If I fall asleep here Mummy might not bother taking me upstairs to my cot and then I can be downstairs when Daddy gets home from work.  Once he is back I will be wide awake again and ready to play!”



10 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #2

    • Thank you so much! Haven’t done much writing since I left university so it’s really lovely to get such nice feedback…. xx

  1. Thank you! It is a lovely film and one I know I could watch again and again….. It is so easy to let life run away with itself and it’s made me really think about not wishing time away! x

  2. Your little man is gorgeous 🙂 You are right the little moments are amazing to capture…I haven’t seen the film, but will add to my to watch list now 🙂 x

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