The Ordinary Moments #3

This is my third link up to MummyDaddyMe’s Ordinary Moments. I am finding that it is a brilliant impetus to keep me blogging but am in particular really enjoying reading other people’s ordinary moments (and other blog posts). It’s so amazing being a mummy but as a first time one it’s sometimes a bit overwhelming and I am finding it so reassuring knowing there are places I can look online for sensible, realistic advice! I finally understand why people get so into blogging as it’s such a fab supportive community and an amazing outlet for thoughts and feelings. I am also loving the fact that if I stick to it in the future I will have a sort of diary of Teddy’s childhood!

Bathtime is something we take very seriously in this house…. If I added up how much of my life I have spent in the bath it would quite probably be a considerable chunk of time. I like nothing better than lounging around in a really hot bubble bath accompanied by a magazine and some music (and a glass of wine or piece of chocolate if it’s a special occasion – like a Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday etc) and I relish the ‘me’ time it affords me each evening.

This love of the bath appears to have been passed down to Teddy (could it be the amount of time I spent wallowing in hot water during pregnancy?) and bathtime is quite possibly one of our favourite times of the day. Each day at about 5.45pm we hit that horrible witching hour when my gorgeous happy baby is replaced by a whinging, clingy monster but as soon as we head upstairs and he hears the bath running he transforms back into his funny little self. If allowed, he will happily hold onto the side of the bath watching the water pour in whilst he becomes more and more excited at the prospect of getting in. If we deign to take him back into his bedroom to get undressed he squirms and wriggles until he is released back onto the floor and can crawl back to the bathroom. His latest party trick is throwing things into the bath ready for when he gets in. These can include some of the many bath toys he has but can also mean that anything within reach goes in too (including my iphone earlier this week… aaaggghhh!) Once he is in the water, party time begins and we now accept that we are going to get soaked by his splashing. He happily crawls up and down and, if the water is deep enough, swims around the tub pulling shampoo bottles in to add to his collection whilst chattering and giggling away.

Thinking back to my last Ordinary Moments post, bathtime is definitely one of those little everyday moments that I know I will treasure in the future and I therefore ensure I make time for it everyday. It is very much part of his bedtime routine and has been since he was tiny (even if the first few attempts in the baby bath were a bit of a non-starter – thank God for the baby bath hammock thingy!) As we get ever closer to his 1st birthday I am more and more aware that in no time at all, Teddy will not want me hanging around in the bathroom with him and the only aspect of washing I will be part of will be putting muddy clothes in the washing machine when he gets home from school. Until that day comes, however, I am going to enjoy every bathtime soaking I get but will, in the future, be making sure my iPhone (which just about still works now that it’s fully dried out) is well out of reach…..

"What in God's name are you doing to me????"

“What in God’s name are you doing to me????”

Much better thanks Mummy!

Much better thanks Mummy!

"My favourite place to be….."

“My favourite place to be…..”


10 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #3

  1. This is much how both of my two were with bath time. It started out what are you doing to me to their new found favorite time of the day. And mine too. Lovely post. Popping over from ordinary moments. I love that we stop and recall these small times because our children grow up way too fast.

  2. Bath time is a favourite in our house too. In fact both kiddos are in one right now allowing me some time to go ordinary moment hopping…bliss.

  3. The blogging community really is so wonderful and supportive, you will soon be addicted! Bath time is a favourite in our house, in fact it is one of my favourite parts of our day. I also am a bit of a water baby, I love nothing more than a good soak! x

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