Teddy is 1!

Where the heck has the last year gone???  As Teddy turns 1 today I am both thrilled to have got him to this point and sad that it has gone so bloody fast.  It seems like only yesterday that I was being wheeled from the delivery unit to the postnatal ward cradling my not so tiny little man (he was 8lb15oz) and wondering if my lady parts would ever be the same again (you can read my birth experience here if you so wish!)  I am now very much the mother of a toddler not a baby and whilst this is exciting it is also rather overwhelming.  He is changing so much every day and if the next seventeen years go as quickly as this one has in no time at all I’ll be packing him off into the big wide world.  This thought terrifies me and I can finally see what my mum meant when she told me that you never stop worrying about your children however old they are.  If only I had a time machine…..

My little boy astounds and amazes me every day.  He is a happy, chilled out little fella who likes to give big open mouthed kisses and twist my hair around his fingers whilst he sucks his thumb (this is starting to become very painful as he gets stronger)  He has just started walking although because he can crawl so FAST he isn’t particularly interested in doing so.  He loves listening to music and playing with his instruments and the piano but he has also recently got into cars and enjoys pushing them around the carpet going ‘brrrrmmmmm’.  He loves toys with buttons, remote controls and phones and will sit for quite a while looking at his books when he has the occasional quiet moment!  He eats everything and anything and throws his food on the floor once he is either finished or bored of a particular item.  He is beginning to use a fork and spoon independently to feed himself which is making mealtimes a whole new level of messy!  He generally sleeps well at night going to bed quickly and easily at 7pm and waking up at about 6.30am.  He has gone down to one nap a day which is a bit of a killer as it leaves me with less time to drink my tea in peace and watch ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ (when the Sky is working!)  He is happy to be left with his childminder and we have not had a single morning when he has cried or been upset.  He loves hanging out in the kitchen, sorting out his cupboard which we have filled with non-breakable items and playing with the dishwasher (he loves the dishwasher for some reason!)  Most of all he loves bath time and could happily spend hours in there if allowed.  He is my gorgeous little auburn haired soldier and words cannot describe how amazing the last year has been! Thank you Teddy and Happy 1st Birthday!!



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