The Ordinary Moments #5

We have had a ridiculously mild winter here in Germany this year.  Last year it basically snowed from January through to April and my winter memories from 2013 are therefore as follows:

  • dragging my humongously pregnant form out for a daily walk trying to evict Teddy from my body a little bit earlier than he clearly wanted to appear whilst trying not to slip over on the snow that was EVERYWHERE thanks to some of my British neighbours not following the German rule of clearing the pavement outside their houses.
  • Standing outside the hospital whilst in labour with a blizzard blowing around us but just desperately needing some fresh air (the hospital was like a sauna and I am someone who sleeps with the window open whatever the weather)
  • Being eternally grateful for whichever neighbour it was who cleared my driveway and path of snow when my husband was in Kenya and I was glued to the sofa breastfeeding.
  • Putting a screaming baby into a snowsuit he didn’t want to go into just so I could escape the house for a bit for a walk into town (only to be told off by a myriad of Germans for him not being smothered in layers upon layers of blankets)

This winter has been a totally different kettle of fish.  We have actually been disappointed at the lack of snow (my 2013 self is staring openmouthed at this admission) as we love skiing and with our nearest ski resort only just over an hour away we were hoping to make up for last year’s lack of skiing with lots of weekend trips.  As it stands we have managed a week’s skiing in Austria and one day locally which has made my husband very sad (good job he has managed to get himself on an army skiing trip next week….. lucky boy!)  On a positive note, however, the mild weather has meant that Teddy has started playing outside much earlier than I anticipated and there is no need to put him in the epic layers that children were being put in last year.  He loves being outside and will make a dash for the garden if we ever leave the kitchen or patio doors open.  His current favourite thing to play with in our garden is the brush and he has spent a considerable amount of time in the last week or so practising his sweeping.  I am obviously hoping that this love for cleaning will continue!  He also loves going to the park.  He has been a fan of swings for a couple of months now but we have now added in the slide to his park routine and this fills him with total and utter joy.  He slides down (with help of course) and then flips himself over to try and climb back up again, dissolving in giggles as he slips and slides around on the bottom of the slide.  At the moment these periods spent outside are a bit of a novelty but they are increasingly becoming a regular part of our time together and therefore becoming a more ordinary part of our week.  It is so lovely to see him become more interactive and interested as he plays outside.  Watching Teddy explore the outside world is a total joy and I cannot wait to see him progress as we head into spring and summer!  



PS As you might have noticed, I am currently enjoying experimenting with my photos by putting them in collages etc.  I am currently loving PicMonkey when on the Mac and A Beautiful Mess when on the iPad or iPhone (can you tell we’re an Apple family…..)



3 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #5

  1. this year’s weather’s been a true gift! so many times spent outside…
    great collage, i’ve already visited picmonkey and like their effects!

  2. Loving the collages, the photos look great. And I agree, it has been a mild winter here as well, no snow at all. I am totally ready for Spring now though, we spend basically all summer outside at the park and having picnics! x

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