The Ordinary Moments #6 – Yum Yum!

We like cooking in this house and even more than we like cooking we like eating.  Thankfully Teddy seems to be cut from the same cloth and has always been a good little eater.  From those newborn breastfeeding days where he basically fed ALL THE TIME (or so it seemed) to the early days of weaning he has hoovered up whatever is in his path and doesn’t seem to have discovered many things he dislikes (long may this last!).  I am thoroughly enjoying the fact that he now pretty much eats what we eat and as a result think that with any future babies we have I will go more down the baby led weaning route than I did with him as I now realise it is a hell of lot easier only preparing one meal at a time.

As Teddy grows up I find mealtimes more and more fun.  I love watching him enjoy the food he is eating and even more so I enjoy watching his facial expressions as he tries new things – cherry tomatoes that popped in his mouth have been a particular highlight recently!  He now chats away during mealtimes and they are a lovely sociable part of our day when he is not distracted by everything and anything and when we can enjoy each other’s company (even if the conversation is still a little bit one-sided….)  


At the weekends we enjoy having mealtimes as a family as during the week it is not generally possible due to the constraints of the working day.  Yesterday we went out for the day stopping for lunch in a sunny square in Osnabruck.  I had packed a lunch for Teddy but unfortunately for me my club sandwich and fries were much more appealing so we ended up sharing (probably a bonus for my waistline though!)  He sat beautifully in the high chair eating his lunch and watching the world go by whilst we enjoyed the sunshine and people watching and I was really pleased that he is such an easy baby to take out and about.

Fingers crossed his love affair with food continues and that he doesn’t become super fussy as he grows up.  One of cousins was also an amazing eater when tiny but is now a total nightmare with food so I am hoping that we don’t follow this route.  In the meantime, Teddy is sitting on the sofa watching the rugby eying up his Daddy’s biscuit and cup of tea….. 




4 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #6 – Yum Yum!

  1. Ahhh i love that picture bless him!!!
    So far Arthur sounds a lot like Teddy with his love of food!! I’m so nervous that this would change….you hear a lot of stories where this happens don’t you!
    Long may our good eaters stay that way 🙂 x

  2. Oh that sounds like my Elma – she firmly believes that all food in the world is supposed to be for her and gets very cross if someone else is having something different!

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