The Ordinary Moments #7 – Thank God for baby groups

I feel like I have had the busiest week ever this week and until the husband gets home tomorrow from his skiing trip (not jealous at all….) it won’t really be over.  I like to be busy but even I have found the last week a bit of a struggle and so I am very much on a countdown to the Easter holidays as we are heading back to the UK to see family and friends and whilst we will be travelling around a lot we will also hopefully get some down time!  I work three days a week, am involved in running our local Military Wives Choir and run a baby music group on a Friday morning.  This week, to add to this, I have also been helping out with our unit wives club dress sale which was held on Friday night.  Foolishly I offered to keep all the items given to be sold at my house and as they were a bit slow to arrive at first I then said I would also label them ready for sale.  This was a massive error of judgement! As the dresses (and shoes, jewellery and bags) flooded in, my house began to resemble a jumble sale.  I spent about ten hours of my life this week matching dresses to descriptions in the book we were writing everything in and then labelling them up with the correct number, price and size and at this point in time I never want to see another dress that doesn’t belong to me or that I am eying up in a shop ever again…… 

The saving grace this week has been the amazing friends I have made by going to baby groups since Teddy was born.  They have known that my husband is away, have seen that I have been unbelievably busy and have rallied around amazingly.  I will admit to going to my first few groups with quite a bit of trepidation as I wasn’t sure whether I would go mad being surrounded by hundreds of babies.  However, the friends that I will take with me from this posting are the ones that I have met through having a child and I will be eternally grateful that they came into my life when they did.  So this week’s post is a big thank you to the ladies who have offered to babysit both in the evenings and daytime and who have entertained Teddy so that I can get on with stuff.  It has reminded me what a fantastic community I am part of and I will be sad to leave them all when we head off in the summer for pastures new.  I think sometimes people forget how amazing these groups are for meeting other mums (myself included at times!) and sometimes all you need after a busy week is a cup of tea and a chat (aka rant) whilst the kids play.  I think the busyness of this week has also rubbed off on Teddy and it seems he has also found this week a bit tiring……



2 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #7 – Thank God for baby groups

  1. Oh bless him! And sorry it’s been a tough week, solo parenting is tough isn’t it? Lucky hubby going on a skiing trip though. Sounds like you have made some really great friends, how lovely of them to help babysit. x

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve had a tough week, but like you say, it’s weeks like that that really make you appreciate the friends and groups you have to lean on. Glad you have those people in your life to help out. x

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