The Ordinary Moments #8 – words, words, words!

That first moment when your baby says something that sounds like a word is completely and utterly awe inspiring. In Teddy’s case (as in the case of most babies) his first ‘word’ was ‘Dada’ which he used to shout from his cot when he woke up in the morning and after his naps. I used this as a perfect excuse to say “Oh look, he is calling to you, he wants his Daddy!” so that my husband was guilted into getting out of bed rather than me but unfortunately in the last few months Teddy’s word of choice in the morning (and in the middle of the night) has become “Mama” so that has backfired somewhat and I can no longer snuggle back under the duvet quite so smugly…

Teddy’s second word came courtesy of the son of his childminder. Every morning when I drop him off, her four year old son greets Teddy with “Hiya” and so prior to cracking “Mama” this was his second favourite thing to shout. He recognises this as a greeting and says it to people when he sees them; usually trying to pair it with an open mouthed dribbly kiss or a twinkle twinkle little star style wave. In the last few weeks he has added to his vocabulary and we now have “dickle dickle” when he is tickled or when he tickles other people, “dairs” when we go upstairs (accompanied by pointing up the stairs) and the now very ubiquitous “yeah”. This is said in a very clipped way so sounds quite a lot like “yuh” (maybe I have watched too much Made in Chelsea when he has been downstairs??) and follows on from any question asked when said in an appropriately sing song way; “Would you like some grapes?” “yuh” etc etc etc

I have always found the acquisition of speech intriguing and could listen to Teddy chatter away for hours despite not having a clue what he is after most of the time. He now couples most things with pointing so that I can generally decipher what he is after (which is basically anything he is not supposed to have) Watching him chat with his friends is hilarious and I would love to be able to tell what they are saying. He recently had a play-date with his friend George who is five months older than him. Teddy was thrilled to show George his new favourite place to play (the shower in the downstairs bathroom) and watching them converse about Teddy’s favourite game of moving the nappies from the changing table to the shower was very entertaining. They followed this up by playing the piano (with Teddy clearly explaining to George what it was all about whilst George had a look of “Does he ever shut up?” about him) and then sharing some raisins which they found very funny as they discussed putting them on the floor, picking them up again and then hiding them under the piano (or so I imagine!). This stage of development is so exciting and I cannot wait to see what the next new word is!




5 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #8 – words, words, words!

    • I know exactly what you mean! It goes too fast….. I look at my little boy and wonder where my gorgeous newborn went!

  1. Aw this is so cute. I love their little babbles. My youngest is 13 months and isn’t really chatting too much yet, she babbles and says mama but that’s about it. My other daughter was speaking loads by this age and her speech has always been incredibly advanced. I am not too worried though, they all develop at different stages don’t they? 🙂

    • The speed at how they develop so fascinating. Teddy has been playing with a little boy who is almost 6 months older than him but at very much the same stage developmentally in lots of areas. His mum isn’t at all worried and reckons its very common with second children as she says her first did stuff much sooner. Looking at other friends kids I am tempted to agree – I imagine its because when you’ve got an older child the new baby isn’t quite as much the centre of the universe as they are when you’ve only got one?? X

  2. My son is talking now and when he is just starting theres lots of mumbling and I wish I recorded it and I will ask him later what they mean =P This is a nice stage. I think more than anything they are just amaze of the sound that’s coming out of their mouth. But an enjoyable stage nonetheless. #ordinarymoments

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