The Ordinary Moments #10 – Lots to be grateful for!

It’s been a funny seven weeks in our house and as a result I haven’t really felt like blogging (not that I’m particularly good at doing so at the best of times!)  In very exciting news, I am twenty weeks pregnant with another little boy so once again we will be moving house gearing up for the arrival of a little baby.  However, the beginning of this pregnancy has been a little bit stressful to say the least and it has only been in the last week and a half that I have felt able to relax and enjoy it.  To cut a long story short our twelve week scan had a borderline nuchal fold measurement and our blood tests gave us some rather scary results which all resulted in an amniocentesis and a very horrible three week wait for the results.  Having thought that we would be telling everyone our baby news over the Easter holidays we then didn’t feel able to until we knew what the full situation was.  Cue me wearing a variety of clothes and scarves desperately trying to hide the ever growing bump!  Thankfully, the results are fine and we have just as much chance of a healthy baby as the next person……

Anyway, one little person has made all of this much more bearable just by being himself and demanding all the things that a fifteen month old little boy demands and so this weeks Ordinary Moments is basically a big thank you to my gorgeous little boy Teddy!  Thank you for being so entertaining and making me laugh so often, thank you for coming up to me and giving me big cuddles and open mouthed dribbly kisses, thank you for making me see the world through your eyes and look more closely at the tiniest details and thank you for being a massive distraction whilst we have been waiting for those results!  The last few weeks have reiterated how good my life is even when aspects of it are a little bit tough and I’ve once again been reminded of how much I have to be grateful for.  Throughout the whole experience (and I do know that lots of people go through far worse) I have known that whatever happens I am privileged to have one little person call me Mummy and this made the situation much easier than I imagine it might have been if this had been my first pregnancy.  It has made me appreciate the ordinary moments even more and as we go through the second half of this pregnancy I am going to try really hard to remember to drink in all the little things that happen to our family of three before we become a family of four!
Teddy 1


5 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #10 – Lots to be grateful for!

  1. Massive congratulations to you all, what wonderful news. It sounds like you have had a tough time but I am so pleased that all is well. My Mum had a very similar thing with my sister, who is ten years younger than me and had to have an amniocentesis as well, I remember even at 10, the wait for the results. So nerve wracking and a horrible time. But now you can look forward to your new arrival with excitement- eeeek so excited for you! x

  2. The waiting is the worst part – the actual procedure was nowhere near as horrid as some people said it would be! Now we can relax and enjoy the pregnancy which is lovely…… And I’m really excited to be having another little boy as it will be lovely for Teddy to have someone to wrestle with! X

  3. Huge congratulations what amazing news!!! I’m so happy for you and your family!! Ahh its going to be so lovely having them so close in age as well, i would love that for Arthur too! I’m sorry that you had to go through all that stress and worry at the start of your pregnancy but I’m pleased it all resulted in good news for you!! Teddy is such a gorgeous little guy, it’s nice to sit back and be thankful for the joy that these little people bring to us isn’t it 🙂 xxx

    • Ah thank you! We are very excited and I think the age gap will be lovely if not a bit hard work initially! Thankfully my husband will be around much more on our next posting so I won’t be home alone quite as much…. He missed all of Teddy’s new born bit as he went away for 7 weeks when he was two days old so he isn’t going to know what hits him! Haha! X

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