The Ordinary Moments #11 – London!!!

London is my favourite city in the world and I love having opportunities to show Teddy my favourite places (I’m sure he is really appreciative of all our John Lewis visits…..). My husband is currently away in Latvia (!) for a month so I decided to book some cheap flights home rather than spend another weekend twiddling my thumbs in Germany (where nothing is open on a Sunday!) A fairly horrendous Ryanair flight later we are here enjoying catching up with my sister (and meeting her new bloke!) and cousin and enjoying the touristic delights on offer.
Yesterday was the trooping of the colour and so we made our way to Buckingham Palace to watch the flypast. Once we had made our way through the crush (with buggy in tow – yes I was that annoying person!) we found ourselves a good spot with view of the balcony and with space to sit down for a quick picnic. Unfortunately at that point the rain showers started and with no coat and only one umbrella between three of us I found myself using the maclaren rain cover as a temporary rain mac. This just added to the Britishness of the day and so we sat it out and waited for the action (whilst stopping Teddy from destroying the beautiful flower beds!). At bang on 1pm the rain stopped and the first aircraft flew over and for the next few minutes Teddy was transfixed by what was happening in the sky.
It is trips like this that I remember from my childhood and I am so pleased to be able to do the same sorts of things with my family and store up similar memories for my children.



7 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments #11 – London!!!

  1. Oh wow – Trooping the Colour must have been amazing to watch – even if you were picnicking in the rain! But as you say that just adds to the Britishness of the whole day!

    • Trooping of the colour is definitely worth a trip. I was lucky enough one year to have tickets for the main bit in horse guards parade and it was amazing! One of the benefits to having a husband serving in the army…… X

  2. I am glad you are having a lovely time in London- I love it too and lived there for a couple of years, but don’t go anywhere near as much as we should do now we have the girls- we are only 40 minutes away on the fast train. Looks like you had a great day and you have inspired me to go and do the tourist thing again soon. x

    • Yes you should! The garden at the science museum would be a fab place to take your girls. It’s an indoor bit of the museum for littlies and despite it supposedly being for 3+ Teddy loved it when we met up with friends earlier in the year. And it’s free! X

    • I think a lot of people worry that it won’t be child friendly but apart from a few dramas with buggies and no lifts on most of the tube network it’s actually quite easy! X

  3. Oh your son is so gorgeous! We live half an hour train ride from London and I am looking forward to taking LP and LM into London a lot as they get older. Gorgeous ordinary moment! x

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