Return to blogging???

So it’s been a LOOOOOONNNNNGGGG time since I last blogged. Over the last year a lot has changed and it’s been both a fantastic year and a bloody hard one. I’ve often felt guilty about my little space on the internet being so neglected but when I’ve thought about writing anything I haven’t really been able to think about what I’d like to write about!
I’m still not sure what I really want this blog to be for (or who for?) but I’m now out of the fug of newborn babyness and with no return to work imminent need something to keep my brain ticking over that doesn’t involve the bodily functions of small children.
So what has changed since last June? Well we have moved to Glasgow following my husband’s posting there with the army. He moved last June and we followed in August once I had finished teaching and we’d been on holiday to France. We are living in our own house rather than army accommodation and it’s been a bit of a learning curve! Within two weeks of arriving in our house we had builders start work on an extension so having unpacked the entire dining room and kitchen we then had to repack most of it and find a place to stash it all in the garage and loft. In early October we welcomed a second baby boy (Wilf) into the family. He was a c section so that restricted how quickly I was able to get back into things but thankfully was another easy baby and slotted into family life very easily! The building work was all finished by December and so I was able to enjoy my brand new kitchen (chosen by me for once!) over Christmas. Since Christmas I have been going to lots of baby groups when Teddy is at nursery and have now got a fab group of friends all with babies a very similar age to Wilf. I’m going to write a separate blog post about finding my feet in a new area with a toddler and a baby but it has been hard and there have been moments when I’ve wanted to get on a plane or train down south and run away to family and old friends! Nevertheless I’m now really enjoying Glasgow and all it has to offer. There is sooooo much on here for young children so I hope to blog a bit about some of the stuff available and that we have tried as well as some other aspects of our lives.